Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday November 29

A couple of photos from last nite. Had a very enjoyable time. I had bruschetta and then grilled whiting...was very yummii - the scales have jumped up a bit today but could be some water retention from the bruschetta. I was talking to my friend helen last nite (Who i hadnt seen since may 2008) and she said "the girls said you were doing really well at the gym but i told them that cant be right cos you hate to sweat" hahahahha :) and she is so right...told her i still friggin hate sweating but u gotta do what u gotta do.

This morning i walked 5.94km! Took 1 hour and 8 minutes and 7 seconds and burnt 709 calories...pretty awesome huh? Fiona told me the aim would be to walk 12km in under 2 since its only my second long walk i dont think thats too bad at all. Normally on a good week i burn 2200 calories...this week i have burnt 3690 calories! The last day of the week is today...and im thoroughly impressed...funnily there has been very lil movement on the scales (i am sitting the same weight as last week) it could be muscle could also be im not eating enough given the increase in exercise.

I am having pasta for dinner tonite! I feel a bit lacklustre so will see if that perks me up a bit...just making the spaghetti bolognaise out of the week 1 book. Hummm well i was till i just thought i dont think i have spaghetti sauce in the house! Mite have to make something else.

I went back to the docs today...heres wats going iron stores increased from 8 to 12 (normal range starts at 15) so he said i am only mildly iron deficcient now YAY for high protein diet :) My ESR And c-protein were both up which basically means "something" is wrong but he went back thru all the blood tests ive had this last liver test was in june and he was like "you have hepatitis" which basically means liver disease...the healthy range is february mine was 353 - oops! In november-january i had been out drinking a bit...june it was down to 161 and so now i need another test...which i will go for tomorrow morning...he expects it will have reduced again. On reading up on all this i think the answer is what ive been alcohol, no painkillers, organic food where possible, drinking my water, eating healthily and exercising...whilst its prolly not a big deal at the moment it is something i need to look after. And at least i have a answer after feeling sluggish for most of the year ! I know there is a book on the "liver cleansing diet" but if anyone runs across any sites with info especially on natural remedies to help the liver please please pass them on to me...i'd be very grateful.

My sunburn still hurts :( i need some sexii woman to come and rub lots of moisturiser into it for me haha !

Okies off i go to try and find something for dinner - enjoy all !

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