Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday November 28

Last nite after dinner...i put on my gym shoes...and walked into north adelaide! 4.8km walked in just under a hour! Thoroughly impressed with myself...i told Fiona about it today and she was like...i think you should start training towards 12km city to bay run...u got 10 months to train for it...excluding any injuries theres no reason you shouldnt be able to do it....ummm okay LOL

Then fiona is giving me a massage and her best friend whose a trainer at the gym and had just been teaching a body pump class comes up and this was the conversation...
sarah : there was a poor girl in the class who had no technique
Fiona : we need to start running the technique classes agin
Me : see this is why i am scared of the classes
Sarah : no you would be fine you have fine technique....i would glance at u but that is when are you coming to body pump karyn?
Fiona : can you get in here 5.30pm on thrusday for pump
Sarah : theres no thursday class till next year
Me : Oh maybe ill come and do a class in the new year
Sarah : So that means by the end of next year?
Fiona : Dont give her such long term goals....she can do the class now
Me : Okies ill do it early january

CRAP! haha ! At least i would know the instructor tho! lol

We started a new weights program i feel pain coming on me tomorrow lol Anyway we are doing leg press and i am pressing 55.5 kilos ! And fiona goes...whats ur current like 125 kilos....and she is like...well we will take into consideration your knees and ankles but we are gonna aim for you pressing your own body weight ! lmfaoooooooooooooooo holy crap the woman is insane ! lol

I dropped in and got my blood results...some improvements and some got worse...i will post more about it on monday after i have been to the doc to see what he says!

Tonite out for dinner...i am looking forward to getting dressed up...mite even take a pic...have a fab day/nite all !

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