Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday November 20

I weighed in this morning and lost 400 grams, i am satisfied with that altho not necessarily happy with it. I am wondering i had some stomach pains yesterday..that felt like constipation pains...i also did my weight program last nite and wondering if i shouldnt weigh in the day after doing weights. So what i have decided is i will weigh in on monday too...then every monday...sunday is rest theres no "exercise" or muscle transformation that could effect a monday morning weigh in. So i am now 128.5 kilos...annoying this is wednesday morning i was 127.7 kils lol oh well thems the breaks right?

Its cooler today and i looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. I have PT tomorrow at 12.30pm and i am CONSIDERING doing a class beforehand...there is body balance at 11.30am and body pump...i have been blabbing about doing classes for so long and even done the occassional class...i dont think its the class itself that scares me its the walking into the room...where a bunch of people i dont know are...where if equipment is required i gotta work out the equipment for me...and hang around looking like a nigel no friends cos i dont know anyone who does the me off that im like that and im sure its a hangover affect of getting so big and always being so conscious of myself...but i think working up to classes like body attack, combat and step would ultimately really push me along with my weight loss, its like i want someone (and i have no idea who that someone is...maybe God?) but someone to tell arent out of place in these classes belong here as much as anyone else....and i know i do...but still...i still dont feel i have the right to be there if that makes any sense.

Ok enuff blabbing time to do some work enjoy all

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Katy said...

As long as you're consistent with what you do before/after your WI, you'll be right, but you have to be comfortable with it!

400g is fabulous, well done!