Friday, November 20, 2009

BIt of thinking...

I had a moment. Over the last 3 weeks or so i have not eaten processed foods...kept to two carb meals per day and never felt better. Last nite while shopping...i saw ww garlic i bought it...i then saw ww creamy pasta sauce.... so i bought it ... then ww icecreams .... so i bought them...i came home tonite...the garlic bread is digested all the icecreams digested and one serve of the pasta is gone...i then started to feel miserable...about not only my eating and the scales...i started to question when did the scales become so important ... when did weight loss become so important ... THEN I went and lifted my arm...the underside hurt so i reached for it and was massaging it when i suddenly realised...holy crap theres muscle there! My bicep muscle has developed a lot whilst training with fiona its quite obvious now and firm and toned but my underarms ... not so the underarms...but there is a distinct muscle there that wasnt there before...doesnt compare to the bicep muscle but omg its awesome i cant stop touching it ! LOL it is so much more about the scales...sure tonite i stuffed up a bit..but its yet another lesson on not having the processed food crap in my house. The other thing i was thinking is how...i havent done both exercise and food together...ive either been all into exercise ... or all into food...imagine how good i mite be able to do if i did both together??? SO the plan is....soon as i finish posting this i am off to sleep...i have been staying up late playing online this week which is never a good a good solid sleep tonite...tomorrow...back to the normal food plan...with the only difference being my non carb meal is going to be ar nite not lunch time...11.30am i am planning to do body balance followed by PT and followed by trying the C25k program...its a lot it doable? i have time to fit it in? YES i am single for gawds sake...there is not reason at all why i cannot be at the gym 90 minutes per day...time to up the ante plus exercise....then we will see what those scales say on monday week - can i get close to 125.9 and reach my 45 kilos? Prolly not but its a goal i plan on striving for...and with that...nite nite people - time to get this body rested so its in tip top condition!

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Tania said...

If not this Monday there's always the next! It's amazing how much the self talk affects your journey, I know I would use any excuse not to exercise in the past but my pedometer is REALLY pushing me to achieve more with my walking and i'm doing that AS WELL AS the treadmill and gym! You just want to make naturally healthier choices with food when the exercise is benefitting you so much.

Don't think of your choices as a stuff up - just a slight diversion - we all have them because at the end of the day it avoids the binges! Today I had a small scone with jam & cream AND a cinammon donut (TOM is due and I was craving sugar) - all tracked and pointed, and I refuse to feel guilty for it!

Well done on finding that muscle - it's probably looking to bring a friend out soon ;-) Keep up the great work and you'll be finding more all the time.