Saturday, November 21, 2009

Progress Pics

Figured a photo update was overdue and since i was wearing a SIZE SIXTEEN top today what better time to do it? I will be be back later with a actual post...heres the pics from oldest to today
April 2006:

December 30 2008:

Today November 21:


LellyJ said...

Kaz, well done you!! You are such a shining example that perseverance is the key to success. I have read your journal for a long time now and I notice how you are trying this and that, but the main thing is you keep on trying. 42 kg gone! FAR OUT! (I actually say that alot in real life and people always think I'm going to say something else that starts with F!!) Congratulations on your on-going transformation! A size sixteen top is fantastic--and the change in your face is so noticeable too. GO GIRL!!

Tania said...

Kazz, you really need to learn to post photos of yourself for progress pics, not photos of complete strangers ... lol ... you're doing an awesome job, you've definitely inspired me but if I praise you too much your head might get as big as your muscles!

Katy said...

Oh Kaz, what an astounding difference!!!!!!!!!!! And you look so much happier too!! WELL DONE!!!