Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday November 22

I did body balance! OMGoodness! I thought this would be a "easy" class to do hehe some bits of it i found easy like the tai chi part (prolly cos of my ballet/dance training i loved the tai chi!) But getting into poses like dog down or whatever they are called were hard! But i did my best and i will be back there for the wednesday class! The trainer was good too...i have seen her around the gym before but didnt know who she was (and yeh ok she is a bit of a hottie! haha) Anyway so the class went for a hour...then i jumped on the treadmill for 5 minutes then Fiona came and got me for PT of boxing then i got back on the treadmill i did 30 minutes of 2 minutes walking and 1 minute running....i even thru in a 2 minute run at one point ... so over 2 hours of exercise! And feet ached at the end (my feet suck) but i wasnt too tired or anything i prolly coulda even done more but i thought that was taking things too far ! LOL

Tomorrow nite i have PT at plan is either ...a 15 minute warm up on the treadmill of just walking...then my PT session then 45 minutes of walking/running...or do a 30 minute boxing class...45 minute casual walk on the treadmill...followed by my PT session....the problem is as my PT session is so late i would prefer not to do too much before my PT Session so i can go as hard as i can during PT but once PT is over i will only have about 45 minutes after the decisions decisions

I did decide to do a mini weigh in tomorrow then every monday after that...mostly cos whilst i always do PT thursday nite we dont always do weights...and i wanna have a bit of stability on the day beforehand. Yesterday i only had one carb meal...yes ME lol amazing! But i didnt feel i was missing out...and it wont be something i do every was simply that i ate eggs for breakfast instead of cereal.

I must admit i am even thinking about doing the body step class! I know its not a beginners class...i use to do step classes a trillion years ago...and always liked them...and really it would be a awesome cardio workout...and i figure if i take the easy options i could prolly cope...its only 45 minutes long too.

Okies off i to finish watching UK biggest loser

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Tania said...

You go girl! How many times a week do you go to the gym at the moment Kazz?