Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thrusday November 19

Part of my self talk i have done for the last few years is tell myself "food is a fuel not a luxury" dunno if i have believed it but its the philosophy i have tried to follow. Suddenly its clicked i am sure its the change to my eating i have made recently...i dont crave carb foods at all...i am always feeling full and i know i am putting so many good nutrients in my body...i love it! Thats the what i deserve...good food that gives me results! Not horrid saturated fats and carbilicious food ;)

I love love love that show on the you channel "diet doctor" its great...i love it.

43 degrees here today altho everyone is saying it wont reach that...the gym is on the 7th floor so i hope its not too bloody hot up there. I have PT with resistance tonite

Weigh in tomorrow...unless something crazy happens between now and tomorrow i will definitely have a loss

Have a good day everyone

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