Sunday, April 06, 2008

Well finally went back to the docs this morning. Turns out the cough mixture the chemist RECOMMENDED was making me cough more. So the doc has me on a puffer now and a cough suppresent so hopefully with luck the cough will start to really subside now. Am off the next 5 days then I have 4 out of 5 days off...wooo hoooo. It will be good to give my voice a real good rest then. Even if I am not well off to do a work out this week I am going to see the slim coach on thursday to get my eating back on track. Have been doing some various reading today and feel like I am really getting my head back in "the zone" i KNOW i can do this weight loss and succeed...I have done it before...and I need to stop letting my insecurities from not succeeding...but im not on weight loss journey im on a "to be healthy" journey. When I go in on thursday its the first proper slimplicity session so they will measure me as i will make sure i grab those numbers as well and add them to my journal.

I have series 4 of L word to watch this afternoon wooo hooo !! Great way to spend a sunday afternoon lol

I must say its a nice feeling getting into the right head space...and will be even better once I start to make some solid process...okies ... off to watch L word *winks*

PS airlie and jaxx can you add a comment so I can grab your url as I lost them both in the template update - thanks !

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Who is Tardie? said...

WOOOHOO - go Kazz.

Totally agree that it's about getting healthy and gaining life rather than losing weight.