Monday, April 07, 2008

Okay I am seriously over this cough...that does appear better today and people at work said im "quieter" hopefully the puffer is helping. I would love to go back to the gym on saturday...I am surprising myself by how much I am wanting to get back into it. And I think thats partly thanks to the reading of late I have been doing...including journals which has really helped get my head into the right place. I am really starting to realise my meals shouldnt be what i "like" but what I "need". I think I am getting much more into that zone of understanding food is fuel and not a treat. We are having some warmer days here again...27-30 degrees which is nice...makes me want to go sit outside in the sunshine and read...shame I have to sit in a office and work LOL

But yanno what? I feel happy ! I really feel within myself i am getting back into the cough feels a lil better...the suns out...its a good day and I ahve the excitement of knowing I will be back at the gym soon enough !

Now on to the Leaders of Tomorrow program I was offered to apply for...I have decided not to apply for it...for 2 reasons. One if I went into it I would be doing a certificate in business as well as working I would be studying on a part time basis...that combined with needing to get to the gym and full time work...I just feel would be too much on my plate...and bottom line my health MUST come first. Also the amount of sick leave you have taken I am sure would be taken into account (as you are not allowed to take annual leave for the 15 months the program runs) and as I just had 10 days off...I think it would reflect badly...SO i decided the next 12 months I am going to focus on my healthy getting healthy it makes sense my sick leave will reduce and then next year I will apply for it. Its not that I am not applying for it cos I think I am too big or anything but more about prioritising and as I said in yesterdays post my weight loss and healthy lving MUST be a priority...but its all good...Im excited for my future

Okies off to work I go =]

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Hippygal said...

Love the new look, looks bloody fab.... And yes if we want to get healthy, other things need to go on hold fully understand that.....