Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Well rang the gym this morning. Was trying to get a earlier time for my slim coach appointment (no luck there !) but anyway my personal trainer answered the phone...anyway she said to me even if im still coughing etc on tuesday come in...and we will do a light session just to get me back into things so that was good. But I am hopeful to be back on saturday anyways. Halfway thru the working week..then I have saturday & sunday monday and have tuesday and wednesday a nice break !

My house is completely disorganised at the moment...nearly 3 weeks of being sick a lot of stuff just hasnt been done so saturday afternoon am planning to get stuck into all of that. I am expecting a gain when I weigh in tomorrow not only has sick made me incredibly lazy (altho i have been eating more fruit) I have also been sucking on soothers like its been going out off fashion and having hot drinks which i dont normally touch to help calm my throat. But I will take whatever weight it is tomorrow and then get on with things. I was reading a journal linked to nats site yesterday (i think) who goes to fernwood with a PT trainer and the slim coach and i read she lost 14 kilos in 10 would be awesome to be simply under 140 in 10 weeks. I am convinced once I get in the gym routine and I am "living it" then the weight will simply start to melt off...all my previous attempts in the last 6 months havent combined everything...and after losing 25 kilos I think exercise is vital, at least for me.

Not a lot else going on...altho next wednesday I am catching up for breakfast with some friends I went to school with..2 i caught up with last week and that all went well but theres another 4 invited this time...1 i havent seen for about 20 years and the other 3 i havent seen for about 5 a bit daunting...but i am sure it will all go fine.

I am contemplating going to streaky bay early next main concern is being sick so recently and the airconditioning on those damn buses is like a breeding ground for virus's..i often get sick after a trip on them and am worried going on them soon when my immune system is prolly not at its best but i SOOOOOOOOOOO wanna spend some time with the i am ummming and ahhhing over all that at the moment. If I dont go its a good chance for getting to the gym everyday and a real focus on "me" so decisions...decisions...

Okies off I go and do some work la la la la la... =]

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