Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well went to the dietician this morning. She asked how I have been going - told her i have been sick and prolly put on what I had lost so she went thru the plan with me but didnt weigh me or anything. We are going out for drinks after work tonight (will be just orange juice for me) and then when i get home I will plan my meals for the next week. I am going back on tuesday and then I will be weighed and measured. So my goal for this week is to simply be under 147.6 when i weigh in on tuesday.

I have been reading a AWESOME spans over 7 years and is in the link list over on the right...its called dietgirl and hilarious to read and i so relate to her...she hasnt the best luck in love while fat and that i can SO relate too and she wasnt always successful...she had a 6 month period where she put on 10 kilos after losing 50 kilos...i put on 10 kilos after losing 34 it gave me a bit of a "i can do this too' feeling. She also planned to go 2 years after she started she went to live in the ul on a working holiday...and whilst I dont plan to do that I would like late next year to go on a trip to new york...always wanted to go there...all that culture, shopping...would be awesome ! I am aiming for a mini award of a trip to melbourne for later this year.

Not much else going on...the cough was quite bad last nite but is quite good fingrs crossed it keeps improving !

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