Friday, April 11, 2008

wo0ot its friday....I dont think Ive wanted a weekend to come so badly for such a long time...and its not reason except to rest my coughing is always worse at work. So I work today and then have saturday, sunday, tuesday and wednesday in the next 5 days i only work 1 day so it really gives it a good chance to rest.

Went out after work last nite...I ended up having a hot chocolate and a serve bruschetta. I SOOOOOOOOO miss drinking my soft drinks...but unfortunately cold drinks and drinks with bubbles make me cough non stop.

Tomorrow I am going to the gym tho...nothing too hectic just gonna try and do 30 minutes on the treadmill.

I was gonna go pick up some groceries this morning but was so sleepy...I had a bizarre dream last nite...dreamt i had a gf....we woke up and she goes check my hair....and i discover her hair is falling out...and the next thing we are at out "engagement" party and its my bday as well and my mum is there but doesnt give me a present or say happy bday hahahah was quite bizarre.

Well cos I didnt get my arse out of bed early enuff I have to make do with whats in the natural yoghurt and muesli for breakfast..and salad sandwich will need to be bought for lunch.

Okies off to make breakfast then get ready for work

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