Saturday, April 12, 2008

Well good lawd the blonde brain cells musta been working overtime yesterday cos I COMPLETELY forgot to wish my blog happy birthday ! 2 gawd damn years !! can you believe it??? Actually I remembered when I got home from work last night but when I realised i was too busy watching episodes of L word...omg hot hot hot !!!

Anyways...sneaked a peak at the scales this morning...and going in the right direction altho will wait till tuesday arvo for the "official" result...nat on the ww forum wont know wtf is going on with me giving a actual weigh in figure LOL its been so freaking long ... but rest assured just cos im weighing in does not mean the world is coming to an end or anything crazy like that.

I soooooooooo freaking wanted to get to the gym today...ffs...but I am still coughing...its nearly 3 weeks now and i am SO over has improved a lil with the puffer...and i am using steam and bettadine but still have this irritation in my throat thats making me cough - anyone got any other ideas i can try to get rid of it???

For dinner tonite i have a recipt of lamb chops and cherry tomatos all done rather not a huge meat eater but im suppose to be only having one carb serve at night and 3 protein im sure this will do - hell maybe Ill even enjoy it. Haven't been to load up on the fresh fruit and vegies yet but will this afternoon.

Okies not a whole lot else to say...except hip hip hooray to my lil bloggie ! =]

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Who is Tardie? said...

OMG KAZZ - a weigh in??? On the day you originally said it would be??? Just kidding darl - really glad for you that it's coming together.

Bummer about not being able to get to the gym - that'd suck when you're all fired up to do it!

Hope the cough goes soon.