Sunday, April 13, 2008

Okies so that picture aint the best but its taken me foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to even find that ! So wat is it? Or who is it ? Its jenny of course..okies its the dress Id love to wear...Jenny from L word wears it in the opening...its the beautiful flowing I dont REALLY to ever expect to have the upper arms to carry it off...but a girl can dream right??? Anyway its a visual goal...and my current weight goal is to be under 130 by september the pressure is on now ! thats 17.7 kilos to lose in 25 weeks...completely doable...but didnt want to set some ridiculous works out to 700 grams per week with me commencing it from last week. Guess what kiddos??? I can freaking do it too la la la la

So psycholigist to be nat asked on her journal today who "your" (meaning me LOL) support team is and do u acknowledge it? So i will answer...

My sister is always there...either emailing me to say well done on a loss (which hasnt been recent) or wanting to know what Ive meant by a post or telling me not to give up. When she comes to adelaide for one of her jaunts in the year they always wanna eat takeaway...cos takeaway is practically unheard of in streaky bay and she has often we not getting kazz not gonna help her to break this.

Joe and Ryan...Okies these two are the biggest pains in my ass at times but they only want whats best for me. If i got to the cafeteria at work and by something bad you are guaranteed to hear joe say "princesssssssssssssssssss" and i know uh uh...hes often asking me whats for lunch and telling me healthy ways to prepare different meals...and ryan well hes just there on the sidelines cheering me on.

Everyone who regularly posts on my site...and thats nat, tania, jaxx and airlie...i may not say it often but the comments really do mean the world for me and I often check in between posts for comments.

Jody...omg another person whose a severe pain in my freaking ass...shes a yank from new mexico...we have "known" each other online for liek 7 1/2 years...shes often on a health jaunt too and often tells me how well im proud she is of me...and asking me how ive been going.

Girls of the ww forum...they are a great group...very supportive..and that whole forum has been like a tenderhook that I hung on to even when not doing good...

Teri my far only a few sessions but so far shes been supportive and she herself asked me "whose in my support team" a few weeks ago...

But yanno biggest support is goals, my dreams cos while I can lean on people and learn off them..I have to rely on myself

Okies off i go to cook dinner before settling down to biggest loser...take care all


Who is Tardie? said...

Absolutely BRILLIANT post Kazz! I can see signs of the 'old' motivated Kazz poking through there for sure.

Thank you for saying I'm a help (and not another pain in the arse) - I'm honoured to be a part of your support team.

Hugs mate.


Tania said...

OMG - how far have you come girl? Loved this post - love the motivation, keep up the great work, seems going back to Fernwood was just the key for you :-)

Jody said...

Aww,what a sweet post...unlike Nat I am so honored that you consider me your pain in the arse! LOL I at least know I keep you motivated, especially when I see you falling back to old habits (which btw I always know when they happen *wink wink*) Keep up the good work my lil Kazz and oh ya don't tell anyone but I DO luv ya..but only a lil bit.