Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2 kilos babiiiiiiiii !!!

woooo hoooo my goal was to be under 147.6 when I weighed in today (the weight I was a month ago) but I kicked that lil goal in the ass and lost 2 kilos and am now at 145.6...so a total of 25.3 kilos. My aim for next week is to be under 145 kilos.

Anyways so how did my trip to the gym go??? welllllllllllllllllll good once me and the treadmill machine rebonded and i stopped slipping and practically falling on my face ! my gawd its only walking for gawds sake but I seemed to have trouble with it hehe but I ended up doing 15 minutes mostly at level 4 (I was doing under 4 previously) so woot woot for me. Then had my PT session which was so damn hard...I was coughing quite a bit and sweating like you wouldnt believe but at the end my trainer said I did really good...said i pushed thru and i was doing the same weights as previously and some exercises the weights were higher....so that was all really good...planning to go in tomorrow as well and do 30 minutes on the treadmill.

I then went and saw my slim coach and her deduction was - Im not eating enough ! who woulda thunk it?? Basically just need to eat as I had this week but with a dairy in my afternoon snack and a fruit with my breakfast. Then as she was going thru my tracker and discussing things...i thought ok lets broach the "vegetable" subject so shes aware...so dunno if ive mentioned this before on my journal...im not a vegetable eater...especailly peas, coked carrots, corn, beans, pumpkin...cant stand the smell of them and a lot of those vegetables "pop in your mouth" lol should looked at me like i had suddenly sprouted 2 heads...luckily i am use to people looking at me like that when i say this. But then she composed herself...flipped over the paper made up 4 colums titled red, green, orange and white and we came up with a list to fit into each column. She also wants me to go to the central markets this week and wander around and buy TWO vegetables ive never tried ! (tania - do you know what days its open?) Then she told me her and my trainer wanna come and do a grocery shop with me...to show me the foods they think i should buy and reading the labels etc etc for all my time on ww i can type the kilojoues and fat into my points calculator but the rest on the labels is goobbliegook to me so I said a definite yes so will prolly do that in a few weeks time when I am on holidays - hows that for service? Ive never had someone do that for me before and ive seen it done on different weight shows so i think its a great thing.

Okies off to watch friends then cook dinner - have a good nite all !


Shrinking Tardie said...

Kazz - congrats on the loss...that's excellent. Good luck going shopping with your tainers. I've learnt to understand the nutrition labels and know which things to steer clear of. Good luck finding vegies!


Hippygal said...

Congrats on an awesome loss - make sure you come back and tell us what veges you have tried :)

Tania said...

FABULOUS loss Kazz - well done! LMAO at the vegetables, all these years later and you're still "allergic" to them ... lol

From memory the Central Market is open Tuesdays, Fridays, Friday nights, Saturdays - but I have a feeling there's another day as well. Will email a friend of mine who goes there ALL the time and works close by - she'll know the days and times that it's open. But do you think you'll recognise the vegetable stalls? lol

Tania said...

Central Market is also open on Thursdays!