Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well woke yesterday and I was aching...especially my upper thighs...but my intention was still to exercise but instead of going to the gym I decided to go out for a walk off we went ...walked 20 minutes down prospect road...came to a bus stop and by this point i was puffing and sweating sat down for 5 minutes...then headed down towards churchill road. A super duper rich tree lined street (one house had its own tennis court !) and i was there thinking oh this is a lovely walk...then i turned around and had to walk back UP the hill...holy crap...puffing and panting and by the time i got back to the bus stop i just knew i had a blister and still had another 20 damn minutes to walk home, so another 5 minute rest...and then home. So I did walk for a hour broken up into 3 x 20 minute segments. By the time last night came not only was the blister hurting (still is the damn thing) but my thighs were killinggggggggg me and still were today. Went to sneak a peek at the scales and the damn things have gone up :( but im not gonna stress cos this is about getting healthy and will just keep things up.

So im not going to the gym today, tonight ill go grocery shopping and stock up on band aids and chit so i can wear my gym shoes tomorrow and get in the gym.

Well off to get ready for work...have a good day all =]

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