Friday, September 22, 2017

Weekly Reflections #4

Weighed in and lost 3.5 kilos :) Taking me back to 109.5 kilos!!!

The week went really well. Getting back on track early in the week I was feeling peckish but the last few days not feeling peckish at all!!! I have noticed the last couple of weeks I am feeling much more active. For a while there (ok heck of a long time) any spare time I had I just wanted to sit in front of the tv chilling out, now I notice I am getting restless. I wanna throw on some clothes I love and get out there and do stuff.

Today I went shopping. When in melbourne I bought some tight fitting light coloured tops and I needed to buy some white or flesh coloured I went bra shopping. Bought 3 - all fit - size 16DD and trust me it wont be long till I am in a D cup :) One is a basic bone coloured one, one is a white sports bra and the other is a super fancy blue/steel coloured one with lace and not a super thick strap. I then also bought a summer dress from target - its a size 18 super pretty and while it doesnt fit me yet it hopefully will by summer. I also got a pair of knee length denim shorts, and 3 tops - I have attached a pic of the shorts and 3 of the tops.

A big decision was made this week. I wont go into all the reasons, but I have decided to stop personal training.  Over the last 11-12 weeks mostly due to sickness I havent been doing PT and I am still progressing so I dont feel it is necessary. I will go back to the gym in time but I am not rushing back. Tomorrow night and sunday night I am planning to go walking after work with a friend. I think PT has a lot of benefits but its very costly, especially doing it twice a week and in all honesty I didnt feel my trainer was as invested anymore. But its all good...its money I can either leave in the bank, or spend on clothes or my hair or whatever or save towards excess skin surgery (no guarantee on this but I am open to skin surgery)

Not a real lot else to say....heres to another good week :)

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