Monday, September 18, 2017


On the weekend I was thinking..."why after 3-4 years of being unsuccessful at weightloss why since October 2 2016 did I suddenly manage to get back on track and start to get this weight moving"

Theres probably a lot of reasons why, but the one that really struck me was goals.

Late last year when I go back on track it was very up and down initially. Then xmas came...and I decided come Deccember 26 I was getting back on track. I was all pumped. And on boxing day morning I definitely woke up committed. January 1 was coming and I knew it was the perfect time to set some goals.

I set some big goals. One was that I wanted to get to double digits and one to lose 30 kilos.

These were big goals...goals I quite possibly wont meet. Getting to double digits is possible but getting to 30 kilos is not likely. Once I had those goals I ended up making smaller goals. In the first few months of the year it was to lose 2.5 kilos per month, and I met those goals the first few months.

Then I set a goal to be under 110 kilos by July 3. I didnt make it...I got close (before a gain). Was I disappointed? Well actually no. Of course I would have loved to hit that goal, but having that goal in mind in the months leading up to July 3, kept me on track. Setting goals and accepting you may not hit them but by keeping your eye on the prize will help you get as close to possible to that goal for me is definitely motivating and helpful.

Its something I highly recommend. Set a goal that you believe is very attainable and then set a second goal that is hard to achieve....if you dont reach that goal its ok...but working to get as close as possible to that goal will help you keep motivated and on track.

So what are my current goals? I want by November 17 to be under 105 kilos. By December 19 I want to be as close to double digits as possible (fingers cross ill be double digits - what a xmas present to me that would be!)

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