Sunday, September 24, 2017

Excess Skin Surgery

Whilst I still have a way to go with my weight loss. Loose skin is becoming more obvious and the question of excess skin surgery has been something I am giving thought to.

I will say....right now I am OPEN to it but I have in no way decided I am definitely getting it done.

At this stage my focus is obviously the weight loss, getting my body fat as low as healthily possible (Ive read the lower the body fat....the less liposuction which will make recovery easier) and getting fit as possible.

I went to have a surgery a few years ago and the doctor at the pre op appointment told me that being as I was so fit would help my surgery recovery...he compared surgery to putting your body thru a the fitter you are the more likely you are to have a better recovery.

When I lost my weight all those years ago I was very against skin surgery. One of the big reasons was the pure thought of surgery. I know a lot of people think its something that they think is just logical...lose a huge amount of weight....get skin surgery, but for someone who has a real phobia for needles and all things hospitals its something I consider a huge decision. The thought of handing myself over to someone to cut my skin, fat, muscles when I dont have a medical illness is a HUGE consideration. Along with that is the recovery, I live alone and whilst I am sure I would cope....its not a ideal situation.

Money. Ahhhh money. It will be a VERY expensive exercise. When you take into account 12 months of private health insurance, gap fees (presuming it gets approved by medicare) if I was to go whole hog and get my boobs, tummy tuck and arms done I would be spending AT LEAST $10-$15k...possibly higher.

I have been doing research and am in some facebook groups reading up. I have noticed there is certainly a number of times people are having to get revisions done because they have not been happy with the outcome, I also matter how much body will never be what i honestly want it to be. There will always be more that needs to be done and I certainly dont want to get stuck into a plastic surgery cycle.

That said....I have seen some people get surgery....and have incredible recoveries.

When I lost my weight previously while I did occassionally get rashes the skin to me is more the impact it has on me mentally. I dont want to get down to my goal weight and think i REFUSE to have surgery but psychologically i am super unhappy with my body as it is. If I got down to my goal weight and the excess skin I felt I could deal with and didnt cause me mentally any issues then I wouldnt see a real reason to get the surgery.

So as you can see, I have a lot of mixed thoughts about the surgery (and I am sure I will get people saying just get the surgery....I just dont believe the decision is as simple as that)...keep tuned for future I slowly come to more conclusions on this topic.

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