Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fitness Goals

So I am still sick. Admittedly not as sick as last week....but at that point where the sickness has just drained me....and just getting thru my days is my number one goal. Today I go back to the docs to check what the results of my blood test for vitamin D was....and if it is low (as I suspect it is) I will find out how much vitamin D supplements he wants me to take. I also have not been taking my iron supplements. I havent taken them for a few years to be honest. So I am back taking them as well.

Anyways, seeing as my immune system isnt 100% at the moment I have taken a break from the gym. I want to fix my immune system and then get back to exercise. One of the things I have thought about a lot lately is what do i HONESTLY want from a gym routine. Like okay we go to the gym to lose weight but long term what is it I want? Like do i want to become a power lifter, or a runner or whatever. Not being at the gym these past few weeks its really given me a chance to think about that. And heres my honest true ultimate "fitness goals" is to be more active outdoors. And what I mean by that is....when I go to streaky bay for xmas (most years) I usually go to the beach for a bit and do boogy boarding which I really enjoy. But I would like to do more then that...year round....Id like to go kayaking, maybe take some surfing lessons, go hiking/bushwalking. A few years ago (like I think 2012) I went adventure caveing at the Janelon Caves I did a beginners caveing adventure - Id like to go back and try a intermediate one, id like to go hot air ballooning. So more then being stuck in a gym....I want to be in the outdoors going on "adventures"

I am about 10 kilos away from being double digits. One of my goals from day one of this journey in 2006 has been running. I got into running in 2012 and actually ran the city to bay in adelaide (a 12km run) but since then I have had a couple of falls on treadmills and so refuse to go on them now. But my plan is once I am down to double digits to start to do the couch 2 5km. My plan is to do it outdoors (where I work is 10 minutes from the torrens river so i think the plan will be to do it around there) I want to get to a point where a 10km run is just my thing and I could plan weekends away around running races

As to "the gym" what is my plan? Well since I want to get my immune system in tip top shape and i dont think intense workouts are the way to go im not planning to go back to the gym for a while. I am thinking the earliest will be January. My plan is tho once I am over this illness is to start walking home from work 2-3 times a week. So hopefully i can start that within a few weeks. In a ideal world...I wont preference would be to do either crossfit or F45. The more I watch these types of workouts the more I am inclined to be interested in training this way. I have been following a crossfitter on instagram and you tube by the name of craig richey. And i have just found it so motivatng. Whilst when i go to the gym and do 2 PT sessions a week is great....going and doing sessions by myself i struggle with. Like its not that im alone (in most ways i work better that way!) its more having structure to be making progress. Sure I can go and do 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training...but am I progressing session to session? Or am I just repeating the same thing I am doing week after week?

When I think what would I love to be able to do in the gym? Its not for me about lifting the heaviest weight...Id like to be able to do pullups (and variations of this) do a do a walking do box do yoga moves

Its taken a LONG time to come to these conclusions. As you can see none of this is about how I look. Back in 2008 when I first joined fernwood if you had asked me what it is I want out of the gym my answer would have been "to lose weight and look good". Even a year ago if you had asked me it would have been "to minimise my excess skin" now both those reasons are still valid but they are not the main reason....the main reason is so i can do a pull up or handstand and be fit and healthy enough to get outdoors and have my adventures.

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katt frauen said...

I like the way you are thinking about the gym and what you want from exercise, my goal was the same to get rid of weight and get fit. Now as I am getting older I am thinking what is it I want to do after losing weight. Mine is kayaking, camping and kick boxing and really the gym is not doing it for me anymore. So I am thinking outside the box I love zumba and my kids has got a xbox and I tried the game 'just dance' that gave me a workout in half and it was fun, also they have an indoor climbing centre just open so I might give that a go. I like these days how we have got so more options than just going to a gym. Anyway you are doing great I love reading your blogs.