Saturday, September 09, 2017

Weekly Reflection #2

Well...I have been sick as a dog this week! Started out with pharyngitis...then sinusitis...then got conjunctivitis on top of it lol

I havent worked all week altho I will go back on is the first day I have felt any improvement. My ears are still eye still sore (I am wearing sunglasses 24/7 at the moment as they seem very sensitive to light) and my nose is still blocked but by keeping up nasal sprays thats become tolerable.

I also found this week my stomach was getting full very quickly. Which has meant its taken me a long time to eat some meals and getting my water in a struggle. But for the most part I have got my water in (only didnt yesterday)

So my loss for this week was.....*drumroll* 1.8 kilos!!! So I dropped down to 109 kilos. Crazy to think its less then 10 kilos till I will be double digits. This week tho I wont expect a big loss. My cycle is about to happen and i am just drained from this illness...I will be wrapped if I manage a 500 gram loss this week.

On friday when I went to the docs I asked him why I have been getting sick so often lately, he believes its from low vitamin D. So I ended up having a blood test and go back friday for the results. Because of this I have decided...if my doc confirms it is low vitamin D and i am guessing i will start taking supplements of vit D, but until I get my vitamin D level to normal levels I wont be going to the gym. It will be a lot more beneficial if I just get out and walk in the sunshine. So my plan is to walk home from work (which takes about a hour) most days. I need to get over this current illness....and once I am done with that ill build up the walking to 4-5 days per week.

Not a lot else going on - have a good weekend all :)

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jen said...

Hope you feeling heaps better soon and can get out and enjoy those walks.