Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Where have i been?

So its been a few days....to the point I got a couple of messages asking if I was ok cos i havent posted (thanks girls - you know who you are!)

I was really thinking about giving the blog away (cannot say why) but have decided to keep posting

Anyway...my eating got pretty bad last week. To the point that Sunday I woke up with a real bad backache...each day it is a lil less sore when I wake up then the day before. And by the afternoon once i have been moving around and my back has loosened up its pretty much pain free. I think its from a combination of things....firstly my mattress needs replacing. I am getting a bonus from work next month and so will buy a new one then (anyone got any recommendations for good mattresses? I wanna spend around $1000)...i think whilst ive been back at the gym not exercising as much hasnt helped and my weight is prolly a huge issue to my back.

So my weight! After eating crap...for days it reached a high of 130.3 kilos :( Yesterday I didnt eat perfect but not as bad as the previous few days and did do a 40 minute walk....and so surprisingly the scales dropped to 129.4 kilos.

So here is a story...on saturday I went to the gym. After the gym I thought I will get subway for lunch. Now the lesson to this story is always put the food in your tracker before you buy it! So i was trying to stick to 50 grams of fat per day...I ordered a 6 inch tuna sub with swiss cheese. That lil bugger was 35 grams of fat for that one meal! Now firstly i shoulda tracked before i ate it....but then when it was that high i shoulda gone...ok...im gonna go over my fat today and maybe settled on 70 grams of fat instead (which would have been less then 200 extra calories) but instead i went....stuff it ive blown the day...then one day turns into 2 days etc etc

So i have signed up for food coaching which starts 2 weeks today. So for the next 2 weeks i am just going to focus on 2000 calories per day. I am not gonna focus on macros...or sodium....or anything like that....just stick to the 2000 calories. Then when food coaching starts....the food coach does do "if it fits into my macros" so ill then go by whatever macros she sets me.

I did get a message last night asking me why I dont do weight watchers. Here is my opinion. When it comes to support - i think weight watchers has more support then any other program...specifically online. If you attend a meeting the accountability is good, altho not as good as it use to be. I think having the rewards for 5% etc were good....they still do them in the US but dont seem to here. But i am not a huge fan of their program primarily because of the weekly points. If they got rid of them I would prolly do ww....but i think giving someone who is a food addict weekly points isnt helpful. I also dont want to be tied to any weight loss business for the rest of my life. Myfitnesspal is free and it works, but it admittedly lacks in the support...so much so to the point where I dont even go into their forums because they can be quite judgemental.

Anyways so yes sticking to my 2000 calories per day, and reminding myself....yanno....the donuts...and kfc...will still be there in 1 months time....or 6 months time...or 12 months time...but really at this point my health is now starting to suffer (thanks to the back pain) i really need to knuckle down!

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