Wednesday, May 18, 2016

REBOOT :: Day 1

Weight : 130.4 kilos

Its a fresh start

YAY a good day :)

I decided to tackle today a lil differently :) One i tried to eat some different foods, and also as I have been overeating afternoon/evening I tried to eat lighter this morning and also less processed foods.

So breakfast i had two serves (70 grams) of uncle toby caramel quick oats (these are so yummi!) and then morning tea i had a banana (i had been having a protein bar and 15 bbq shapes). Lunch time the cafeteria had pumpkin soup so i had a bowl of that and 2 slices of bread (admittedly white bread). The lunch left me really full :) Afternoon snack time I had a protein bar and a 1 serve (35 grams) of the caramel quick oats again. And then dinner was a chicken spinach, chicken breast, feta cheese and avocado and after dinner a caramello bear! It totalled 1711 calories. I was aiming between 1700 and 1770 calories so pretty happy with that. I definitely ate more carbs then is prolly ideal for weight was unprocessed foods (mostly)....within the calorie range....and my sodium was only 1344 milligrams.

My back tho is still not 100%.....and i dont wanna do what i did the last 2 times and not rest it and prolonged the injury. So today i went out and did a 15 minute walk only but didnt go to the gym. I have cancelled the group PT for this week...but I will go to my individual PT session on saturday.

Not a perfect day but a lot better then lately! :)

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