Thursday, May 19, 2016

REBOOT :: Day 2

Weight : 128.4 kilos

Well today has been a day of decisions. Ive mentioned before the travel time to the gym, its been a issue for a long time. Dunno if its i am getting older...or its just old news or what....but im done with it for the moment. I also have lost enthusiasm for the gym and to be honest...if you look at my journal every year in May i struggle. Because of that I have decided not to attend the gym until August. August my new role at work starts, it will be very different hours altho i dont know the hours yet and possibly will be working in the city. I dont know how the gym will all fit into that. So at this point i havent cancelled my membership....i will keep it going and if i get a urge for the gym to do a class or whatever ill attend but im not gonna force myself.

The truth of that matter is a feel i "NEED" to go to the gym. I feel guilty if i dont go but it feels like a "chore". And to be honest my current gym may not even work. If i am still working at the same office...but doing crazy way in hell LOL. I cannot predict my work hours to work out how gym and work will work for that reason ill take a breather.

As to my weight loss how does this impact it? Well you can still lose weight not going to a gym. My main concern is i need some accountability. There really is only 2 options...either i attend weight watchers....or i speak to my doctor about weighing in once a month with him and counting calories. I am quite undecided what to do, obviously i have had reservations about ww....but then works...the other thing is you have to go on at least a 3 month contract and come august i may not even be able to attend meetings due to its hard to decide.

That said im not giving up....just need to work out my tactic going forward. Eating is going well again today and of course was more then happy to see a 2 kilo drop overnight.

Anyway...more tomorrow!

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Tranquility road said...

Firstly ... how interesting that you go try this no gym feeling in May ...guess its cold during winter to go at night

Secondly How WW has changed having to sign up for 3 months ... that is a bit sad

Thirdly ... I know I can't look at the scales with you standing on them but if you want accountability you know my email and mobile ... I am happy to be in contact daily ... and you can send me a pic of you on the scale

Offer is there... what ever you decide I know you will succeed
Ps I like the dr idea xx