Thursday, May 19, 2016

Another update....LOL

So....ok.....lemme explain some stuff!

Firstly im gonna explain some stuff about my job because this is a HUGE factor in some of the decisions i am currently making.

I mention in mid april that my role at work had been made redundant and that I had applied for another role in the company, but never came back with a update in relation to that. So yes I was successful in securing another role with my company :) the thing about this new role tho is it will be VERY different hours and at some point I will most likely be working at a different location.

So currently I have no idea about how the roster will work altho 4 days per week we will be rostered on over 24 hours. What this means is my shifts could be anything from a normal day a afternoon shift (like say 2pm to 10pm) to a graveyard type shift (like 11pm to 7am) so obviously my lifestyle is about to go thru a dramatic change (that said ive done these types of shifts many years ago) I will not have consistency so going to a PT session the same time every week...or going to a weight watchers meeting the same time every week wont happen....its very likely every week will be different.

Added to that, some point over the next 18 months or so we look like we are relocating our office to the city. Now for me this is good news. And this was why I was persevering with my gym cos they will be around the corner from the new office. But whilst I am tired of the travel now I have also realised that realistically i need a 24/7 gym. Because my shifts are most likely all over the place i will be attending the gym at all random times.

So while yes at this stage im taking a break from the gym. I know i will go back at some point. Maybe in a month...maybe in 3 months....i dont think there is a rush....i want to go back when evergised for it. So anyway Jetts rang me this morning (I had tried them with a 7 day trial....but i did that the day i found out my job was at risk so went once and then my focus was on other my job) anyway I explained the situation and they offered me a 7 day trial again (and explained they are under new management), there is a jetts around the corner from me and one in the city...and with my crazy hours....i think thats what i need (hell who knows i could even be finishing work at 4am....and wanting to go to the gym...a 24/7 one is NEEDED) so i have decided when i do go back to the gym it will be jetts. Lets face this i have been doin it long enough....i know how to find a weight lifting program....i know how to do cardio....its just about applying myself :)

The next thing i needed to decide on is my eating (which btw has been great today!) So i know i cannot attend a weight watchers meeting with my schedule i will have. But what i do like when i compare weight watchers to MFP is "belonging". While its great that MFP is free their community is pretty harsh and judgemental. While weight watchers has a great online community...with the connect section in the app....facebook groups...instagram...and you tube. Weight loss can feel very solitary and with how my lifestyle will be i do think weight watchers online is the answer for me.

I hope this makes sense. I need to do whats right for me, I dont want to join weight watchers and a week later quit. Going into this as I have talked about recently its about being honest, and i am going to be completely honest....if i stuff up i stuff is just important that i stick to it no matter what. Anyway....thats where my brain is at!

I am having some problems swallowing (hopefully not getting sick) so i am off to bed to get warm, watch friends and catch a early night before i do my friday tomorrow :)

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Tranquility road said...

Wow congrats on the job

Jetts sounds great esp being next to your home and work and 24/7

Do Jetts have a food coach you can use ? But I guess then again it is what suits your work life... or maybe those times you can't connect face to face you can email

Will be watching to see what you decide :-)