Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 1 of weight watchers

So I did sign up for weight watchers for online :) If you want to follow me on the app in the connect section my username is honestkazz

So this mornin my scales said 129.4 kilos and I am on 44 daily points. My plan is to use my weekly points but use them on "big things" .... like i would prefer to use them on a slice of cake...then a few points per day so i can eat some extra pasta or something...kinda like having a high calorie meal. I also want to see if i can get losses while eating the weeklies. So today I stuck to my points exactly :) (I even fitted in a lamb yiros for lunch!) and I also earnt 11 fit points.

On tuesday we are having a BBQ at I am going to allow 20 weekly points for eat exactly what I want. Tomorrow being saturday night I also might use extra weekly points. No idea what on...but will see how I go.

I also got my new book today...your a bad ass.

I am still having a lil problem swallowing altho not as bad as yesterday and I want to make sure I dont get sick so this weekend will be a stay at home in front of netflix and keeping warm kind of weekend :)

Im still convinced no gym for a while. I am thinkin not till at least July. I want this break and also I want to know what my work hours will be before I committ to anything. There are a lot of gyms around my this point theres a couple of options I will look at....but no decision making at this stage :) Of course if i wake up one day and go....i gotta go back to the gym...and gotta go back today then Ill go back....but thats certainly not my headspace at the moment. Time will tell.

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