Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday May 12

So firstly there was a comment about iherb (the website i buy my supps etc cheap) if you do decide to purchase from there you can use this link it will give you a $5 discount and also me a discount :)

The scales dropped again today :) Down to 125.5 kilos so a drop of 800 grams overnight.

I was initially planning to go do body pump tonight but i woke with a scratchy throat and headache so will take tonight off. Presuming I am okay I will go in and do 45 minutes of cardio tomorrow night. I need to make sure I am all good to go for saturday morning as I am doing a 30 minute group PT session followed by a actual PT session. But tonight ill go home...get warm....and catch a early night and hopefully be 100% tomorrow :)

I think I need to find some friends who have a similar fitness level who want to do "events". Whilst yes I can go walking....I think having a fitness goal especially for a event and working towards it is so helpful. There is something to be said for completing a event and saying "i did so and so". I may not run anymore....but to know....I completed the city to something i love and was worth every bit of work i put into it!

Not much else going on....have a good thursday all :)

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Tranquility road said...

Look at that weight dripping off you ... you are doing great

Rest up as there is heaps of that throat thing going around here
Lleyton has been off school for 2 days with it and Brighton is getting it ... it is nasty

Sleep well my friend