Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Things are going so good :)

After using 22 of my weekly points my aim this morning was to not gain and i didnt....was exactly the same as 126.6 kilos.

So sticking to ww is going so good in fact I decided to bite the bullet and change my membership to meetings...and I will start meetings on monday :) I am feeling so good where the weight watchers is good....and i am sticking to it so well.

I thought more on the gym today and made some decisions. Ill be completely honest....i have one main reason for needing to attend the gym and thats excess skin. My excess skin was bearable when I lost the weight before but i would not want it to be any worse. So whilst i dont love the gym...I need to attend. I did think about doing DVDs at home...but lets face it i dont have the dedication for that lol. I then considered a 24/7 gym (cos lets face it it would be super cheap) but i need support...classes etc. So a few days ago i came to the conclusion i would need a trainer still. I had to decide between a personal training studio and a gym with a trainer. And i ended up going for a gym with a trainer. I spoke to them today and they have advised since i am in a contract with another gym...(which i have cancelled and only have 30 days left off) while thats going on they wont charge me for a membership. As to personal training...the gym is goodlife (where ive been a member before) and so the plan is to go back to training with candice :) I will have a big chat to her about my issues with the gym and how i really want to focus on building my confidence. I feel like this is the right decision. I prolly will tell her initially i just want to do 2 PT sessions a week. She may suggest i do more then that LOL in the past she has written out a program for me to do on my own so we will see.

People may be thinkin wtf is she doing....but heres the thing....sometimes we need to step back....get some clarity....replan and move forward. For the first time in a long time i think i am the right track...and this will be progress. And i am gonna put it out there.....under 110 kilos by xmas day.

Enjoy all :)

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Tranquility road said...

Is this the gym near work or home ?

Under 110kg by Christmas easy xx