Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday May 24

Weighed in this morning and was down to 126.6 kilos :) Very happy with that...I certainly feel just focusing on weight watchers is working well.

We had the bbq at work today....and i used 19 weekly points.....so i have now used 22 weekly points...i dont expect to use anymore this week :) Super happy with that.

Following on from yesterdays post. It has really taken me back to the struggles from when I was 173 kilos, and how hard it is for all of us who are obese to tackle the gym. I think cos i feel guilty about not currently going to the gym its on my mind a lot at the moment, and i have realised i genuinely have anxiety about attending gym (and have had for the last year to 18 months) just like i did 8 years ago, and i am sure i am not the only person who has this anxiety.

Due to the limited hours of my current gym I wont be returning to it. When i do return to a gym (which could be anywhere from a months time to when i have lost 20 or 30 kilos) i think i will do things differently. I will do PT again and i will most likely get a male trainer...and what i will be telling them is my first focus will be to increase my confidence and help reduce my anxiety...its not going to be about how much i lift. Its also going to be about building my confidence to eventually get back to fitness classes.

At this stage tho....because my work hours are likely changing significantly i dont know where i would sign up even if i was ready.

Once I also know about my work hours and can work out how often i will have monday evenings off work...if i do have a fair few of them off i will change my ww membership to attend meetings. I am really happy i am taking this opportunity to focus on my weight watchers.

Oh and I have a new favourite vegetable (actually dont know i have ever had a "favourite" vegetable) but anyway its mushrooms and capsicums chopped up and seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder and fried in a pan. OMG so full of flavour i LOVE it....and all zero points.....winning!

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