Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 26

Things continue to go good :)

I signed up for the new job. As i was transferring from another gym and had to pay a early contract ending fee and 30 days notice...the new gym is giving me 3 months free :) Cannot complain about that! They also gave me a guest pass for 12 months so i can bring someone to workout on friday, saturdays or sundays. Also any programs they run (like 12week challenges etc i get 20% discount)

As to Kathies question....for where work currently is...i stay on the bus a extra 3 stops and the bus drops me out the front of the gym! Once work moves into the will be part way between work and home (a 20 minute walk to home) but there is a additional club in the city around the corner from where work will be located. Opening hours are much better, considering my work hours will be crazy...the one near home closes 9.30pm weekdays...and open 7-5pm saturday and 8-4 on sundays...and when i spoke to them they told me the operating hours will never decrease....only increase. So at this point just waiting to hear from my trainer to organise a time to catch up then organise things from there :)

Food wise did good today. We had training all day today and there was lollies in the training room...i had some but I pointed them all :) So another day spot on with my points, oh and I had cauliflower soup yummy....ok blogger is lagging im off!!!

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Tranquility road said...

That gym sounds perfect ... Good decision xx