Saturday, May 28, 2016

The realisation

So i weighed in yesterday morning and lost 2.5 kilos :) Then sadly tho, as I start at meetings on monday i kinda got in the "i can not track this weekend cos its a fresh start on monday" UGH. So anyway i go to the a pile of crap foot. Come home....put a pizza in the oven and some garlic bread.....started to eat it....and apart from how damn salty it tasted i realised i just dont want to eat like this anymore. This isnt the life I want.

When i woke this morning...i went thru all the food i had bought and most of it i threw out. I had some sliced cheese, english muffins and 1 sausage roll and 1 meat pie which i kept. The sausage roll and pie i can prolly fit into my eating one day for a lazy treat.

So today back on track.This evening i am going out for dinner to one of my favourite restaurants. Its a asian fusion place and i always have the same thing LOL. this lil tiny mince things in some leaf that you dip in a chilli sauce....(they are seriously tiny) which i will point at 5 points (in reality its prolly closer to 3 points but thats ok) and a chicken cashew stir fry which i will track as 7 points (3 points for the chicken, 3 points for the cashews and 1 point for the sauce) I dont have rice with it. Which means i can eat out tonight without using any weekly points which is definitely my plan today!

Apart from that i am planning to chill today, watch youtube, do some washine and housework before catching up with Martine for dinner tonight....enjoy all! :)

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