Sunday, May 29, 2016

Do you.

Last night was a lovely meal and i stuck to my daily points. For dinner i had "bo la lot" (ithink thats what its called Lol) its lil bits of mince wrapped in leaves, followed by a chicken and cashew stirfry. We then went to a local place called cocolat and had a skim hot chocolate and martine bought me 2 lil bliss balls she had made.

I was home by 9.30pm and tucked up in bed before long. This morning i have woken and while i dont feel sick i also dont feel 100%. So im super glad i did the shopping and washing my plan is just to keep warm and rest today.

Ive been reflecting a lot on my last weight loss journey the last few days and what worked. And one of the things is about "owning my journey". Ive always felt its important to own my journey, my personality is quite independant. I think having online support and even meeting support with a leader is good....but when it comes to the actual journey for ME its very important to own it, put a bubble around me, rely on no one else but me. I dont have that desire to workout with attend weight watcher meetings with others....its very important to me....that this be about "me time". Apart from attending a body pump class once with tania...ive always done workouts by myself....and i think that bubble has really gone around me and i am going to focus on me and no one else (I think this is important for everyone...we all should individually own it...and most importantly not compare). What someone else does....what someone else thinks/ not something we should take one else.

Ok its nearly 9.30am and i havent eaten yet! Time to find some food....enjoy all! :)

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