Tuesday, May 03, 2016

May 3 2016 | Changes to the plan

So i jumped on the scales this morning and they dropped 2 kilos :) So yesterday was 127.8 kilos and this morning 125.8 kilos.

I am in a IIFYM group on facebook....and the owner owns the site www.iifym.com, anyway got him to work out my macros (as i noticed a lot of online calculators were telling me to have much higher protein and lower carbs) anyway i got a email with very detailed information. (This did cost me a once off $47) It not only gave me macros but also a lot of information on how to adjust the macros as you lose weight and "refeed days"

So the macros are carbs 250 grams, protein 160 grams, fat 80 grams, 30-35 grams of fibre and close to 4 litres of water a day.

So I am going to try this...ive always believed eat as much as you can whilst losing weight. And i will be back at the gym tomorrow so i think with exercise included this will likely work well and will be sustainable and really support my workouts. The recommendation has been to work on averages as I have been doing....and to do one full month before making any adjustments (unless i gain a ridiculous amount)

My cold is better today altho i took panadeine forte for the headache last night and so still a bit groggy from that. Plus its rainy today so apart from going to the shops to pick up some food....will be a day at home watching friends and you tube ;)


Its later in the day....and I just dont think i can eat that much ^^^^ Just cos it feels wrong.....it feels excessive. I totally agree with the whole eat as much as you can whilst losing weight....but...250 grams of carbs seems way too much. But im still glad i got it done...simply cos it gave me so much information on how to modify my macros as i lose weight.

Oh and I went and bought some new running bare clothes. They had a new collection for plus sizes...so i bought some workout pants, a t shirt and a pullover (i love running bare stuff)


Tranquility road said...

Running bare?? Is that on line?

I have to admit when I read how many carbs I was shocked but at least you tried. You may find you get close to that on high exercise days

Anonymous said...

Running bare is online yes and in some sports stores www.runningbare.com.au

Tranquility road said...