Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10 2016

So after last nights not great eating....or now known as the "KFC and donut fiasco" I totally expected the scales to jump by a kilo or two. But the exercise and only having the protein shake for dinner must have helped as it only went up by 400 grams...hopefully it will maintain or drop a lil by tomorrow morning.

I forgot to mention i am going back to wednesdays as my official weigh in day. So....last week I was 127.8 kilos.....this morning 126.7 kilos...will see what tomorrow holds!

I got a iherb delivery today....I love that site...I bought a peanut butter muffin in a mug (which was 20 grams of protein) i had that for my snack this afternoon...with some pb2 on top LOL so yummy. I also got a box of "Oh yeah! One lemon cake bars" they are suppose to be yum and very similar macros to quest bars. I also bought 2 boxes of sachets of peanut butter. There are 12 sachets in each box and they are 32 grams each....one box is peanut butter and the other box is honey n peanut butter. They will be handy for at work...and if i decide to get toast or a sandwich at the work cafe...i can give them the sachet and it will be all proportioned out. If i like the Oh yeah! One bars then I will try some different flavours.

Tonight I went out for dinner with Tania and Martine. We went to Fellinis. I had barramundi with potato,  and sauted cherry tomatos and baby spinach....so yummm....I also had one slice of bread :)

Not a lot else going on....im in bed...gonna watch some you tube...then call it a night....enjoy all! :)


#fatfreefloozy said...

Ooh! I need to check out that herb place for sure!

Karyn Colley said...

Totally....its amazing some of the stuff you can get on there and how much cheaper it is compared to supp stores :)