Monday, May 09, 2016


Yesterday I posted and said i want to be honest about my eating and being very transparent to you all. I am super serious about that and feel the only way I have a real chance to be successful at this is i have to be totally honest. Today has wins and major blows :(

So up until I left work today my eating was perfect. I am starting to identify the situations where I stray. One of the big ones is the cafeteria at work. So today i didnt go in at at all (cos once I go in and see the finger buns, and hot chips and bbq shapes....well im hopeless then) I took my lunch and all my snacks and got my drinks from the vending machine and stuck to my plan. Late in the afternoon work supplied krispy kremes....but i declined (yay me!)

But then,.....duh duh duh.....I finished work at 3.30pm and didnt have gym till takes about a hour while waiting for the bus and travel time i was going to have a hour spare. I thought....i could stay back and do a hours overtime....or....altho it had been raining it had cleared up i thought i can go home .... shower ..... change then head into the gym....but of course as the bus gets to my suburb it starts to bucket down....and i have about a 10 minute walk from the bus i thought bugger it ill go to city cross grab a diet coke and read my book. But of course i walk into city cross (its a food court) and all i want is food...and admittedly I had KFC and a donut! Once i finished eating i was like oh i cannot be stuffed with the gym tonight now....and wondered what was a good excuse to get out of attending LOL. But then i remembered the book i am reading and remembered "act out of love not fear" and thought bugger not gonna stuff up the entire i went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the cross trainer. I then did some calf stretches for about 5 minutes and then went and did my first functional fit (group PT) session. There was a number of things to do that were just out of my jumps and "centipede" being the main two. But most of the stuff I could struggle thru. I just need to make sure I speak up when there is something I cannot do and get a lesser option. I certainly worked hard in it tho and in 67 minutes burnt 737 calories so i was really happy with that.

I was coming home on the bus and thought to myself "wow that was certainly a struggle" and i was thinking it in a defeatist way.....but then i thought....if it isnt a struggle then its prolly not the right class/session for me....the gym isnt suppose to be a walk in the park!

The other not so great thing that happened was halfway thru the class my calf cramped up. My calves are super tight (and in fact it was the calves i was stretching prior to the class lol) so that hampered me a lil. But i think with getting my eating right....doing these 3 functional fit sessions per 1 PT session...i will lose weight. I still am thinking I may need the accountability of food coaching....but ill go as I am for the moment.

OH! And when i got home....instead of continuing the bad eating...the gym put me in such a good frame of mind...i knew dinner was not i had a protein shake (made with water) only.

The other thing i wanted to say is...expect to see me mess up. Expect to see me falter....for me....and weight loss thats how it works. I am working hard to get my head space and self talk right and workin on breaking habits....and while too many today may have looked like a failure .... in a lot of ways it was a step forward.

BTW the scales said 126.3 kilos this morning :)


#fatfreefloozy said...

You did well! You didn't commit to staying off track for any longer than that one meal. And then? Completely back on track! I am so proud of you!!!

Tranquility road said...

Nice burn tonight
Have you tried magnesium tablets to help with cramps?

siba stien said...
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