Saturday, May 07, 2016

Happy saturday :)

Last night was such a good night....and when I woke this morning I was the exact same weight as yesterday morning :) So 126.3 kilos again which I am so happy about.

I actually took the time to make myself look presentable last night. Straightened my hair (wasnt perfectly straight but certainly wasnt a frizzy mess!) and i wore one of my new tops and a lil bit of makeup. Normally when i wear makeup i wear like a brown you can tell i am wearing lipstick but its similar to a skin tone. But yesterday I went looking for a new lipstick and thought i would be brave and got a wine coloured was me last night ;)

I actually really like my lips in this colour :) Anyway so i got there and everyone was sitting out the front of the pub already with drink in hand. On the table we shared a plate of hot chips and some garlic bread....i had about 4-5 hot chips and half a piece of garlic bread. And then when we ordered dinner....I ordered a sweet chilli chicken stir fry with jasmine rice...was so yummy and i didnt care that everyone else was eating burgers and chips ;) I also had a glass of white wine (so rare for me!) and then I followed it up with a second LOL and I was hugely proud cos it didnt cause me to go eating madly....and apart from a diet coke when i got home - that was it! It was a really fun night...this was a great group of people I worked with and we had a lot of laughs last night :) There is apparantly also drinks planned for june 30 and apparantly a reunion on july will see them all again before long (some of us are still working with the company so some i will still see everyday)

This morning the plan was to do body pump...but i woke and OMG the DOMs ..... it was a struggle just getting out of bed! LOL So i decided .... rest day....BUT not like a week ago where i woulda spent the ENTIRE day in bed watching netflix. Was up by 8.30am.....have played gammon on and off....and between I have gone and reorganised my lounge now as well! LOL I love it...I use to hate it before because when people walked past the lounge room window they could see in...but now ive moved the entertainment unit and tv in front of it so it really blocks it. My spare room is getting messy! LOL Thats gonna be a project...ill have to throw quite a bit out....but ill do that bit by bit. I get a bonus from work (hopefully lol) next if I do my plan is to buy a new mattress and a nice big square coffee table (big enough to do jigsaw puzzles on!) I am so glad I read that book....even for this just one tip....moving things around, breaking old habits, and keeping busy really helps! I go in the lounge and bedroom now and they are both so bright and airy rooms they make me happy...and when we are happy it is much easier to stay on track!

This afternoon I will prolly wander down to the second hand store and see if any clothes there I want :) That the last 24 hours i have attained 6 new tops and a pair of leggings...i really dont need to much more new clothes! LOL I did get my new running bare clothes last night.....a pair of leggings...tshirt....and a hoodie.....and the hoodie has THUMB HOLES....omg i love that....i love tops where the sleeves come down to my totally in love! Oh and I spoiled myself at the shops this morning too and bought myself a bunch of flowers!

Okies off i go....enjoy your saturday all! :)

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#fatfreefloozy said...

You. Look. Gorgeous~~!!!