Friday, May 06, 2016

Good day :)

Today I was up by 8.20am and having breakfast and out the door by 9.05am (not bad for a gal on holidays LOL)....went into the gym and did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes of weights (3 sets of 12 of the following exercise....pushups against the smith machine, back extensions on fitball with a 5 kilo weight...21's (bicep curls) and tricep extensions with a 5 kilo weight)...burnt a total of 402 calories so happy with that :)

I then went and FINALLY got my eyebrows waxed....i look like a gal again not having bushy male eyebrows! LOL I then went to kikki,k and bought this cute lil water bottle and drinking glass...then i bought 2 tops at katies (one in XL and one 2XL...the 2XL i need to exchange for a smaller size) I then popped into the reject shop (they do get in some real nice but cheap knick knacks) i bought a blue candle and a lil wicker heart that you hang on the wall....then i got from target another top, some lipstick, a white vanilla smelly thing with bamboo sticks....and THEN i dropped into best and less i got 2 work out tops for a total of $21! LOL So i spent.

I grabbed subway for dinner and then put a colour thru my hair.

Tonight i am going out for some drinks with people from work (farewell drinks for my team) i will wear of my new tops...and like ive been saying...make the effort when going out! I am even going to splash out with a glass of wine. Im not a drinker and its rares as hens teeth that I drink...but i will have one or two drinks tonight....Im not concerned about the drinks...i can fit it into my day....more concerned that ill get tipsy and want to eat everything in site! LOL

I wanted to buy some 500 count sheets in either white or mint...but damn couldnt find any. I found some white 500 count ones...but they looked more cream then white and all my colouring in my bedroom i want is white and mint. :)

By the way i love how different my bedroom looks. I was living in their....and it was dreary and messy and unorganised and now its clutter free and pretty....i still need new pillows and the sheets....and i need to buy some bedside cabinets....but apart from that i just feel happy each time I walk in there!. Sunday I am planning to move the lounge room around

Have a good friday night all!

OMG i nearly forgot my weight on the scales this had dropped from 127.8 kilos to 126.3 kilos :)

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