Thursday, May 05, 2016

The hermit is slowly creeping out....

So what I am discovering is when you dont live in your bedroom and hermit yourself and make a few good is actually pretty good :)

I saw on a video yesterday and i remember Jillian saying about this in her show when i went to see "date yourself". So tonight for dinner....i made a small pasta dish (as i had a lot of carbs and fat macros left) i cooked a small amount of pasta and then in a pan added some nestles light cooking cream, a tablespoon of parmassen cheese and 120 grams of diced avocado....and that was on the side of a jamie oliver chicken breast...was so nice. After dinner...instead of eating i then put on a "detox mask" .... i got it in my latest HIIT box....i then settled down to watch friends...and it was just so nice and relaxing. And made me think....from now on i am going to schedule in a "date me" night ;)

Tomorrow i am going to do a few more "me things". In the morning i am going to the gym for some cardio and then i will go and get my eyebrows waxed and then will pop into katies and find a new top to wear out. And then i am going to pick up a hair colour and put a rinse thru my hair....hide the greys LOL, im also planning to buy me a nice bunch of flowers ;)

Its amazing how you get out there....and do more then stare at a computer while sitting in the dark and suddenly life looks feels like there is hope. Like i think i was stuck in a bad cycle....but having changed some of my environment and some of my just seems brighter and its only been a few days :)

Its a bit like this video i watched today (ignore the title) where the guy Danny talks about how he thought people didnt like him cos he was fat when in reality it was due to his negative attitude. When we manage to switch off that negative attitude and have a positive approach to life and our journey....then the journey doesnt seem as hard and your able to focus on other things so not constantly focusing on eating everything in the fridge!

Enjoy your night all :)

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Kat McLennan Moffat said...

You make me very proud of your progress.
Me ( Feel ) time is so important Yippeeeeeeee
Well done