Thursday, April 14, 2016

Whats been happening.

So i finally feel able to post :)

So workwise the news is my current role is redundant as of June 30. If I dont find another role that will be my last day. I have applied for a couple of positions within the company and hopeful of getting one of them. I will hopefully find out about that next week.

Obviously this week has been a hard week...and since i got the news i noticed the scales have gone up each day....which i think was just the anxiety and lack of sleep. Last night i was so exhausted i collapsed asleep quite early....and i felt a lot better today. Today my carb choices also werent great...but im ready to get back on track 100%

In relation to the gym .... im still undecided about that. Currently my membership is on hold for 2 weeks. If i get the job i am hoping for i may be doing a lot of nightshift/evening shifts....which will impact whether i continue to travel in to the city or not. Long term if i get this role...PT would definitely not be doable as my shifts will be all over the place. Altho the fact the gym in the city isnt 24/7 and is closed sundays and public holidays is a pain....i do feel more comfortable there...the training program thru my online coach is doable there with some minor adjustments....and of course there is the benefit of the group fitness classes that i could throw in to supplement things. But right now is not the time for making big decisions. Once i find out if i did get a new position in the company or will be leaving the company is a big factor in my decision.

Weigh in tomorrow...if my macros do change i will update over the weekend some time.

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