Sunday, April 17, 2016

The weekend at last ;)

So fridays weigh in i was down 1.09 kilos. Considering the week I had i was bloody impressed with that! LOL Since tuesdays meeting where we got told our jobs were going to be made redundant on june 30, sleep has become a elusive thing. Ive been tired, stressed, overthinking and waking with headaches :( And the scales were slowly going up. Since friday tho...Ive started to get some gastro/digestion issues too. My stomach feels rock hard....and not constantly but a few times a day (maybe 4-5) i will suddenly get stomach pains and need to do a mad dash to the loo LOL (graphic much?) which i am putting down to stress as well.

Last night tho i did manage a decent sleep...i woke up a few times but it was real quality sleep. Since the gastro thing has started....the scales have started to go down again LOL.

Work wise i am now at a point of if i dont get this role in the company just accepting its time to leave and that its time for a change, new challenges, meet some new people, and test myself in a new environment. I have confidence in my skills that I can secure another job. So if i find out i didnt get this one i will then go into full job seeking mode. At least one person in my job has already found a new full time jobs are out there. Im really at the point....just tell me one way or another so i can move on with my life....this uncertainty is harder then the outcome.

What happens with work will determine what i decide with the gym. They released a proposed roster for work...and looking at that ill end up working later in the evening so the gym after work if i stay at fernwood just wouldnt happen for a fair amount of the time (and i am really not a morning exerciser! lol) So i think a 24/7 gym is the path i will need to go down too. The local one did SMS me the other day offering first month free .... and its on no contract... which as life can change so quickly i dont know id want a gym membership on a contract learning from that LOL

Because of the uncertainty my current gym membership is on hold for 2 weeks and i told them maybe i wont close it....but...i think i will end up doing that cos unless i do leave O and get a job in the city it doesnt look like a city gym will suit...

Ok not much else going on! Ill update when I have more news :)

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#fatfreefloozy said...

Stress plays havoc with our bodies doesn't it? And that stomach stuff sounds like stress! Hope you get answers soon!