Wednesday, April 20, 2016


So i have wanted to post this week but felt so much of what was going on in my head shouldnt be on the internet ;) and I am not going to discuss the work issue at this stage....except to say....things are settling down - when i can say more i will

I havent been at the gym. And today I realised its time to get back to it. My eating has been good. This week as of this morning i was a lil over a kilo down this week (weigh in is friday morning)
The big decision has been related to the I keep going with Fernwood (the gym in the city) or go to a local gym. There was a lot of things to consider....fernwood is more expensive, longer to travel to get to it, adds a additionl bus fare per day, limited hours...the big thing it has going for it is i like the staff and i am comfortable there. My ability to get to the fernwood gym may become limited in the future....or if i end up working in the city it could be more convenient. I also have 11 PT sessions paid for,

The local gym has great equipment, open 24/7....they were having some changes when i was there the other day so only have a handful of classes...but i know no one there.

The program i am doing with sure if i spoke to Beck (my trainer...altho i did telling her i wouldnt be back in so not sure how keen she would be to train me) if she was willing to train me....i think she would be willing to work with me with this program.

The other option is i join both gyms.....and i attend the local gym on the days i cannot get to fernwood. I mean the local gym is offering me first month free (and half price joining fee).....and in the mean time i utilise those PT sessions i have paid for

Im confused....LOL...adding to the confusion is the fact i dont really know what hours etc ill be working which will impact how often i can get to the gym in the city and also that my fernwood membership is onhold till 28/4....more to think about!

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