Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weigh in result

So yesterday was weigh in day. Chelsea does things slightly different so instead of going by the actual number on the scale on weigh in day she has me work out my average weight for the week...and we compare it to the average weight of the previous week. So by that I was down 590 grams. That said I am eating quite high calories (about 1850 calories) and as my gym membership has been on hold minimal exercise. Thats also 3 losses in a row.

So this week my carbs are being lowered by another 10 grams. So my carbs are 180 grams now, and my fat and protein stays the same at 50 grams fat and 150 grams of protein. Which depending on food choices will put me someone between 1720-1820 calories a day. So still a rather high calorie limit. It certainly takes planning but i like this "counting macros" When i sent my weekly check in to chelsea yesterday I commented that its 3 weeks on track, no wavering if this is the right plan for me and no bingeing/overeating so i am very happy with how things are. Hopefully the slight change in my carbs will increase my losses each week.

I go back to the gym monday week and have decided to take that week off work. I think thats a good way to throw myself back into the gym and am planning to mostly do lunchtime classes.

I bought new protein powders last night....I use the brand "cellucor" i got the cor-fetti cake batter flavour and the choc chip cookie dough flavour ;) The corfetti one mixes up SO well with just water ... like its crazy .... you would think its in milk! The choc chip one I had in my oats this has teeny tiny pieces of choc in it LOL...was yummy and really brings the fat in my breakfast. I also purchased some BCAAs,as well as a mixed box of Bup and Quest protein bars....gave all of it at a very cheap price and cos im such a good customer threw in a shaker bottle :)

I also went to target. Unless a clothing item has stretch to it i am definitely a size 20. So i bought a denim jacket, and a flanelette shirt size 20 (the shirt tho is too tight around my hips just thats a goal to get into!) I also bought a long sleeved wine coloured tshirt...and also a wine coloured knitted jumper and also some brown ankle lace up boots....spoilt myself!

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