Sunday, April 24, 2016

That old topic of....exercise!

One of the things I havent talked a lot about of late is EXERCISE. The reason why? well i havent been doing much apart from some walks. I was also very undecided what to do about the gym situation.

For those who have been following along ;) will know i was over the travel with the gym as my current gym is in the city and I work and live in the suburbs. And whilst I have a local gym with fab equipment I wasnt ready to leave my current gym. So what Ive decided to do is firstly tuesday night I am going to join the local gym. Initially my plan is to go there most days of the week before work and do 30 minutes of fasted cardio. I still have 11 PT sessions at my old gym...and as I want to slowly transition to the new gym...I will do a PT session once a week (on thursday nights) and also venture into the city the weeknights i can get there on time and do my program (for those wondering that is the teamheroic app thru chelsea i am doing). Whilst my old gym doesnt have all the equipment ill need i will hopefully be able to work out exercises to replace the ones i cannot do cos of lack of equipment. On the nights I cannot get to the old gym (as they close 8pm monday to thursday and 7pm friday night) I will go to my local gym. Allowing me to slowly get use to it and also still work out on sundays and public holidays etc)

People are prolly wondering why i am going to do my cardio in the mornings? Its two fold...I want to see how my body copes with doing fasted cardio (it may hate it) and I am keen to see how I respond mentally to doing some exercise before work...I have a feeling it may help my mood levels.

One of the things I discoverred this year is i enjoy and my body really responds to weight training. So I am really keen to get back into that. One thing I am going to have to do is stock up on leggings so I have plenty of clothes for working out. I have previously been wearing just kmart brand ones and must admit have got a LOT of wear out of them so will pick some up this week.

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