Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Update :)

So yes I am still here, kicking along! LOL

My week foodwise has been mostly good. Obviously its been a stressful week (refer previous post) and next week prolly will be the peak of the stress. I am definitely feeling the stress...yesterday and today with headaches, which I am sure is from not getting quality sleep. The unknown leaves you feeling rattled. That said....apart from a couple of bread rolls and cheese on monday night I have eaten good...which i think is brilliant considering the stress of this week! My cycle also arrived today....and the scales did go up a lil but that will be water weight which will go down over the next few days.

At this stage the gym is onhold. I have done my cardio for Chelsea....but right now I cannot deal with the gym as well. There is too much going on...and depending the outcome with work over the next week or so...the gym may be on hold for a couple of months. I can explain this more once I know where things stand professionally.

But i am really proud of how well I have adapted to the tracking of macros.

Friday night I am catching up with Tania and Martine....looks like we are going down Glenelg somewhere. I must admit the thought of a relaxing night with the two of them will do me the world of good. The thing with this stress is it is hard to "switch off" and just relax cos my brain is thinking about so much stuff.

Not a lot else going on...I will be back on friday at some point to advise my weekly weigh in result and confirm whether my macros are changing or not (i expect they wont)

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#fatfreefloozy said...

Eating what you should under stress is sooo hard. Good luck with your job position. I'm sure that you will find something straight away anyhow with your talent.