Monday, April 04, 2016

How things can change....

So....well....LOL i dont even really know how to start this post!

There has been something work related been brewing since late February....and that is there is a good chance i will be made retrenched. I wasnt at work today which is how i went to the trial gym this morning....anyway got a phone call this afternoon to advise retrenchments are happening in my office and there is a very good chance i may be retrenched.

SO! Lawd! In relation to the gym now...all up in the air. My membership at my old gym is still running till i think May 25. I cannot justify paying another gym (even if it is relatively cheap). So I had told my gym i was cancelling....and i had also told my personal trainer i wouldnt be doing anymore sessions cos i was just gonna move on with the new gym and was tired of the im kinda regretting that cos i might as well use what i have paid for! So i think....i will keep going to the old gym until at least then end of May...then make decisions then based on what I do or dont know....just not sure what i will do about PT.

Its very odd....ive not really been in this situation before. I am lucky in that I have worked there for nearly 15 years so i will get a very nice payout....and could live comfortably for even as long as 12 months without a job...but i wont be doing that (of course) Ive had 15 years experience in a call centre.....even if it is just part time work...I think i will be able to get something within the first few months. And of course if i can get stable work relatively quickly that will leave me with money to do some overseas travel which would be amazing.

At this stage tho....i need to wait for the outcome. Then the dreaded thought of dealing with centrelink and then i will have to shop for a "interview outfit" - i wear jeans and a jumper to work everyday business wear in my closet! Altho I guess everything is done electronically these days I may need to buy a printer too.

Anyway not too much panicing yet....till I know definitely one way or another.

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Tranquility road said...

Oh my !!!

My immediate thought was you can now do your PT training like you wanted to

This is exciting but what a shame about the gym 😩