Monday, April 04, 2016

Checking out the new gym.

So the scales are moving at a ridiculous i am obviously losing a crapload of water weight. The night before i got back on track i had pizza and garlic bread as well as some was definitely retaining fluid.

So i got back on track on friday....i weighed in at 280.8 pounds/127.63 kilos....this morning i weighed in at 270.4 pounds/122.9 i was super surprised by that. So 10.4 pounds i am down....11 pounds is 5 kilos. But this of course is a loss of mostly water weight. The most i have ever lost in one week i believe is 5.7 kilos....i will be stunned if i lose in excess of that...especially considering i am eating 200 grams of carbs and over 1900 calories a day!

I went and checked out the local gym today. I must admit this morning i had doubts about it and wondered if i had done the right thing...but really glad i went. The manager of the gym is a female power lifter and she said when she joined a gym she felt intimidated by guys in the weight room too. She made me feel very welcome and told me the days/hours when it can be a bit of a boys club (monday and tuesday nights), the benefit tho is living so close to this gym is i could go in before work. They definitely have all the equipment i could want....the cardio equipment...the bikes, cross trainers and treadmills all have personal tvs. They also have a arc trainer (i think thats what its called?) and rowers. In their group fitness room which you can go in and use they have everything from padded boxes for box jumps due to every size imagineable resistance bands....a squat rack....boxing bag...trx definitely no issues with not having equipment.

So i decided to do a workout. Which was the first day of my new weight program thru Chelseas was lower body..a few of the exercises i hadnt done before and had to figure out the back extension machine (which i did ;)) it took about 40 minutes to complete...and then i jumped on the treadmill and did 25 minutes on a 8% incline and a speed of 4. Its amazing much my calves have improved....didnt hurt them at all!

I then walked the 10 minutes to get home :)

So my plan for this week i *think* will look like this:

tuesday : rest day - I need to go to the gym tho and do 20 minutes HIIT
wednesday: Lower body (squat day)
thursday: Upperbody (OHP day) + 20 minutes HIIT
Friday: cardio (before work as i have plans that night)
saturday: lower body (deadlift day)
sunday: Upper body (bench day)

The benefit about this local gym and being open 24/7 .... as an example...saturdays when i work like i will this saturday i would not be able to get to the old gym. As at this stage i have no plans saturday night....ill finish work....go to the gym and do my workout and then go home. This is one of the biggest advantages as my gym was only open limited hours on saturday and was closed sunday and public holidays...and cos it is so close to where I!win!

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