Sunday, April 03, 2016

How did I choose my online coach?

So I was asked about my online coach (chelsea) and how did i find this online coach? So the story is...well over 12 months ago i started to watch fitness and weight loss videos on you tube. I follow about 35 channels. This ranges from people who are currently losing weight, who have lost weight, power lifters, bikini models etc .... so a wide variety. Over that time i discoverred quite a few do online coaching. And because it is cheaper, more convenient and it worked in macros (which i know back to front) i felt it was something that would work for me. So anyway there were a number who do least 7 .... after prolly 6 months....i thought if i decide to do it....i had narrowed it down to too...2 females...Chelsea and another. Chelseas pricing was actually slightly more...but the reason I went for Chelsea was for one thing she had talked numerous times that most of her clients were in their 30s and 40s and had "disordered eating" which I felt into this category. She also has done several "diet series" where she herself has dieted...(a cut basically to just lean out a lil) and she showed a lot of videos of "what i eat in a day" and i liked that a LOT of her food was simply unprocessed foods where she was aiming to get in the micronutrients...but also that she lives...and isnt perfect 100% of the time. Here is a video which includes 3 people off 3 off the channels i follow. Going left to right on the screen there is John "Obese 2 Beast" who lost like 170 pounds and has appeared on Ellen for his weight loss, Brian "Brian Turner" who has had a you tube channel for years and does lifting and competes and a wealth of info, and then Chelsea "ChelseaLifts". They are talking in this video about dieting with too little calories ... they posted this video this morning and so thought i would share so people can see who my coach is.

The link is

Thats how I came to look into Chelsea as a coach...the extras that add to she is a qualified personal trainer, a competitive power lifter, owns her own gym and minored in nutrition.

I can guarantee this was not a rushed decision ;)

BTW This video has some really good info!


Tranquility road said...

Oh wow I didn't think of Youtube
Great job finding some one
Thanks for the info xx

Karyn Colley said...

The funny thing is i didnt go looking for a online coach! LOL