Saturday, April 02, 2016

Saturday April 2

Today (apart from working) has gone great :) My food was good...mostly macros for end of the day was...202 grams of carbs, 55 grams of fat and 147 grams of protein which came to a total of 1939 calories. I doubt Chelsea will leave my macros this high for more then 2 weeks...but while im getting this much food i am gonna enjoy it! ;) I also got in one of my required cardio sessions today and walked for 25 minutes during my lunch hour.

Yesterday morning when i got back on track as i mentioned yesterday i was 280.8 pounds...this morning i had a big water weight drop....back down to 276.2 a 2.6 pound drop which is over 1 kilo (but I always lose 3-5 kilos the first 5 or so days I get back on track)

I have a free trial for the gym I am planning to I am going to go down monday morning and get the trial organised and then will do a few workouts over the next few days...if all goes well I will sign up thursday night.

Anyway not much else going on....about to finish watchin you tube and then check out some netflix...enjoy all! :)

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