Friday, April 01, 2016

The NEW and FINAL plan....and a lil/long explaination of things....

Okay this is gonna be kinda...the hercules of posts LOL I actually considered just not postin and getting on with things but for being transparent with all weight loss wanted to share ;)

So let me start off by explaining a few things im sure i have never mentioned on the journal. The first is i dont drive...nope....dont have my licence and so i rely solely on public transport (which is fine!)

Now the next thing i want to explain where my house, work and the gym are in relation to each other. So my gym is in the centre of adelaide (in fact in rundle mall) my home is about 5-10 minutes out of the city....and then work is about a further 10-15 minute drive. SO. On any given work day where i am attending the day is like this....i catch a bus to work in the morning....after work i catch a bus from work go past my house and in to the city.....attend the gym....and then from there go from the gym to home. Now to give u a example...say i finish work at 4pm. The first bus after 4pm is at 4.20pm....i then jump on the bus and dependent on traffic it will take me 25-35 minutes to get into the city....(so it is no approximately 4.45-4.50-pm) i then walk down to the gym which takes about 7 after having finished work at 4pm its taken me approx 57 minutes to get to the gym. Say i then work out for a hour (if its a night i have PT at 6pm or 6.30pm it is a lot worse....but lets do the best case scenario as a example)...once I get to the gym...collect my locker key....get changed....put BCAAs in my water bottle....fill up my water bottle...grab a cold is now at least 5.10pm. Okay kewl....lets work out for a hour....I finish my work out at approx 6.10pm. I leave the gym and head for the bus stop where I hopefully make it in time for the 6.25pm bus (presuming its not running late)....I will then walk in my door at approx 6.40pm. So from finishing work doing a one hour gym session and then getting home....2 hours and 40 minutes have passed...all to do a one hour session! Honest to gawd im so SICK of the travelling.

Now if we change this story a lil....I finish at 4pm and get on the bus at 4.20pm as above....but this time instead of going into the city...I stay on the bus for 10 minutes and get off at the top of my approx 4.30pm...i then walk 5 minutes to a local gym...where I get changed and are ready to work out by 4.50pm......i workout for a hour....finish the work out at 5.50pm....then walk the 10 minutes to my house - walking in the door at 6pm....saving me 40 minutes!

Now this is a real simplistic explaination....some nights i dont have PT until 6pm or 6.30pm and its even longer nights then.

The other issue I have had is the cost. Slowly over time as I have done more and more PT sessions....and then challenges....the cost has gone up and up. Currently I am doing the 12 week challenge, and a group food coaching session, and 3 PT sessions a week plus my basic membership....that costs me $318 a fortnight (so $636 a month) then add to that $74.90 for weight watchers.....I am spending over $700 a lose weight! Here is a secret people....if you want to lose will...whether you have 50 million PT sessions or not.

SO this has all been on my mind for a while. PLUS i just realised....I dont "believe" in the weight watchers i honestly couldnt committ to it fully. So I made some changes. The first is I have cancelled my gym membership and wont be renewing my weight watchers membership. Now i do need some accountability and I have hired a online coach which costs me approx $170 a month. On top of that she has me use a weight training app....which costs approx $30 a month....and then on top of that I will be joining Jetts....there membership is $51.90 a month. So all totalled I will be paying approx $251.90 per month. One third of the price i was paying! Plus i will be spending less time travelling....I can spend more money on things like clothes...and hair appointments...and going out etc.

Sometimes you make a decision....and you feel its the right decision but you are not 100% sure...I feel completely positive this is the right decision and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

SO i started with the online coach today :) Now she is located in the US and so for that reason works in pounds...and so to avoid confusion I will now be working in pounds too (which is SO weird!) So i weighed in this morning at 280.8 pounds. The calories I will be on.....which are based on 200 grams carbs, 150 grams protein and 50 grams of fat works out to approx 1900-1950 calories. Cardio wise I need to do 2 x 25 moderate intensity cardio sessions per week and 2 x 20 HIIT sessions per week. So my plans is tomorrow to walk in my lunch hour.....I think for the HIIT sessions which i will try to do one on sunday I will do a search in you tube and do one from there.

Thursday I will go join the new gym. I have a 7 day pass which i will start to use from that point.

Food one is nearly done...I still have some macros left so shortly i will have a eggwhite and ricotta pancake with some frozen raspberries and maple syrup (one of my favourite things to eat!) but I have hit all my macros....Ive cooked up mince with taco seasoning and vegies for lunch tomorrow which i will have with a tub of the chobani salsa yum!)


Magpie said...

Karen, your plan will give you freedom, sometimes we try too hard.

Tranquility road said...

How do you know that the online coach(pt) is good or bad or really knows what they are talking about ?
I guess my question is how did you find your coach?

Karyn Colley said...

I have followed them on you tube for over a year :) So I know her certifications, and her approach, also the type of clients she mostly has (which is women in their 30s and 40s with "disordered eating") and ive also seen client progress photos.

Karyn Colley said...

Also....she is a qualified personal trainer, minored in nutrition at college (she is in the US) and owns her own gym.

Tranquility road said...

Awesome thanks Kazz