Monday, March 28, 2016

It is time!

Yep...yep...its time.....time to commit to weight watchers 110%. Its not that I havent been following the point system (disregard easter and i have been) but I havent been invested in it. There has been a lot of inner dialogue going on in my head pointing out the things i dont love about weight watchers...and how im "doing weight watchers for the moment" Weight watchers works.....and i need to invest completely in it for getting to goal. Its time to invest some of my time reading the weight watchers magazine (not just letting them gather dust), watch weight watcher you tube videos, following ww fb pages and getting into the connect on the app.

So after easter my scales were actually up 2.4 kilos! But today is day 1 of my week for me....and my goal is to not using any weekly points this week. Of course most of that weight gain is hopefully my next monday i will have lost it and more.

Back to the gym tomorrow...i definitely missed it. So im keen to get back into it. Im on later shifts this week so wont be getting to the gym till 6pm ish .... wont be able to go to a lot of the classes...but will be able to go 4 days this week. Tuesday and thursday I have PT....wednesday night I am planning to do yoga...and ill do a workout friday night dependant on what else i do during the week (its a short week)

Not much else going on....time to settle down with my weight watchers magazine :)

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#fatfreefloozy said...

I hope you had an awesome long weekend chicken! And I hope your day 1 was awesome!